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28th February 2024 
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Counselling and Psychotherapy - can it help you?

It is somewhat self-defeating to speak in general terms about who might benefit from therapy, for our work depends on the individual nature of the relationship we build with each and every client. Although depression might be diagnosed by identifying the symptoms that are commonly associated with it, we find that it is seldom useful to categorise something as unique as your mind. Each client has uniquely personal reasons for seeking help and the assistance we offer requires a similarly individual approach.

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Depression is one of the commonest reasons why people seek counselling and that is because it is very common. Statistics tell us that it affects 1 in 5 of us but statistics tend to ignore the individual nature of your problem. Bereavement, stress, guilt, financial problems, simple changes in our life style - there are so many causes for depression that it is pointless to think about it in general terms. Each invidual requires personal attention and our approach is to guide you to discover your own understanding of your depression.

If you are having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, finding the motivation to do anything or you find yourself in tears and you're not sure why, then we can help you to explore what might be the underlying cause.

Anxiety and stress

The pace of modern life seems to hurtle us along at a break neck speeed, with stress mounting up on itself before we ever find time to deal with it. There always seems to be an obstacle in the way and just staying calm seems to require so much effort. With the average working week rising all the time, our leisure time becomes so important that even then it is hard to relax.

We can show our anxieties through our tempers, with stomach ulcers and by punishing our bodies with excessive drinkings or obsessive exercise regimes. The same question always applies - why am I doing this to myself? Counselling and psychotherapy can help you find the answer to this question.

Relationship difficulties

"Where do I fit in?" "Nobody likes me." "Why do I hate my mother?" "Am I normal?" We judge ourselves by the company we keep and one of our recurring fears is how we are judged by our family or friends. With the importance that we put on our relationships with others, there is little wonder how much distress is caused when they don't run according to plan. But when there is more than one person involved, whose plans are we talking about?

It is when things go wrong that an independent perspective is so useful. When your friends don't want to take sides, our impartiality can support you to make decisions. When everything seems so stuck, we can help you find a way forward.