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Westminster Therapy Associates

Our friends
28th February 2024 
Westminster Therapy Associates
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Our friends

No. 6, Lower Grosvenor Place
Phone: 0207 233 7852
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Healthy body, healthy mind

When we speak of stress are we talking about a physical or an emotional experience?

We happily refer to ‘heart-break’ and ‘love sickness’, of ‘butterflies in the stomach’ and ‘nervous tension’ when expressing our emotions. But only too often we cannot find the words to articulate our feelings accurately and therefore when that happens we use our bodies rather than our voices to communicate how we feel.

Westminster Therapy Associates recognises the short-sightedness of ignoring the mind when treating the body and of disregarding the physical symptoms of emotional distress. As such we have formed an alliance with our neighbours at The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre . Together we offer a holistic approach to taking care of the body and mind.

Led by physiotherapist Clare Fone, The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre offers the following:

Physiotherapy: Emotional stress is so frequently manifest in tension in the musculoskeletal system, but which comes first the back pain, the insomnia or the thoughts that go round and around in your head as you lie there tensed against the pain. Sometimes the mind can only find relief after the pain in the muscles has been eased.

Nutritional Advice: We are what we eat – and drink. Overeating and obsessive dieting are two sides to the same coin. Finding the right balance between comfort eating and punitive dietary regimes is essential to how we feel about ourselves.

Pilates: Our posture is a clear indicator of our self-esteem. “Standing tall” can add inches to your height and to your sense of self-worth.

To find out more about WPPC please click here or phone them on 0207 834 3700